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A Quest for the Secrets of Xibalba

  • There are no longer many places on the globe where humans have yet to set foot. One of few exceptions is the expansive jungle of the interior of Mexico’s Yucatán peninsula, an area that in ancient times was populated by the flourishing Mayan civilization. Astonishingly, relics of the Maya are still to be found in the impenetrable jungle today. Beneath this world is another world with even more surprises – a world full of caves whose discovery is fraught with danger.

    Not only are these caves difficult to find and access, explorers must contend with the endless masses of water that fill them. As a sign of their respect for this place, the ancient Maya called it Xibalba – place of fear

  • This book is the story of a group of speleologists who have dedicated their lives to the discovery and exploration of underground worlds. It is also about their colleagues and friends, some of whom have paid the highest price for their resolve
  • Hard cover book, including a folding map
  • English language
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