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EW80 disinfectant

  • Compound for the disinfection of technical equipment made ​​of metal, plastic, rubber, neoprene, etc.
  • Is bactericidal, fungicidal and virus inactivating
  • Has been designed from the standpoint of environmental impact: No phenol, chlorine, aldehyde nor alcohol are used
  • Is soluble immediately in cold water and may be used: either in an immersion bath for several devices or objects or with a spray bottle. After 5 minutes the self-reliant disinfection will be completed. The disinfected parts should then be thoroughly rinsed in clear water and hung to dry: disinfection is done
  • Special instructions related to the concentrate - Biocides Directive / CLP - Reg.: Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use
  • Content: 500 ml
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