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Divesoft: Set  Diver Basic

  • Set Diver Basic was compiled for divers, who prepare Nitrox and Trimix
  • The Analyzer has many sophisticated features, nevertheless control is easy and intuitive. Mount one of flow limiters on valve, switch the analyser on and oxygen and helium content appears
  • Range: 0-100% Helium, oxygen 0-100%
  • Precision 1% oxygen, 0,25% Helium in the whole temperature range
  • OLED display
  • Instant MOD and END calculation for measured gas
  • Faulty air attention
  • Built-in mixing calculators
  • Continuous mixing mode with alert and switching off relay possibility for high pressure compressors during continuous gas blending
  • Gas purity mode for argon measurement
  • Atmospheric pressure and temperature detection – recalibration after altitude and temperature change not necessary
  • PC connectible – measured data recording
  • Upgradable
  • Working temperature: 0 tot +40°C
  • Dimensions: 200 mm x 82 mm x 36 mm
  • Durable aluminum body
  • Plug-in connector
  • USB connector
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery

  • Watertight case PELI 1200
  • Standard flow limiter DIN G 5/8", suitable for 200 and 300 bar
  • Connection hose
  • Power adapter with plug-ins for the EU, UK and USA
  • Spare kit of O-rings
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